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Audio Sermons

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Date Speaker Title Audio Slides
7/23/17 Jerry Drew Lessons From Joshua Audio
7/23/17 Jeremy Sweets Keys To Holy Living Audio
7/19/17 Lon Spurgeon Lessons From Job Audio
7/16/17 Conrad Harkrider The Purpose of the Church Audio
7/16/17 Curtis Byers Truth Audio
7/12/17 Greg Gwin The Victory At Jericho Audio
7/9/17 Jeremy Sweets Don't Worry I'm Coming Back Audio
7/5/17 Gary Kerr Remember God While You Are Young Audio
7/2/17 Jeremy Sweets How Can the Young Keep Their Way Pure? Audio
7/2/17 Mike Roy Eyes On Eternity Audio
6/28/17 Kirk Wall Our God Is An Awesome God Audio
6/25/17 Jeremy Sweets Our Similar Mission Audio
6/25/17 Mike Roy But God... Audio
6/21/17 Nick Sawyers God's Mission for God's People Audio
6/18/17 Mike Roy Colossians: Evangelism In One Book Audio PDF
6/18/17 Conrad Harkrider David: A Man After God's Own Heart Audio
6/14/17 Matt Harber Learning To Lament Audio
6/11/17 Jeremy Sweets The Bible is Inspired Audio
6/4/17 VBS Conrad Harkrider Faith - Even When Audio
6/4/17 Jeremy Sweets Kingdom Kids Audio
5/28/17 Trevor Brandt I Will Be Their God and They Shall Be My People Audio
5/28/17 Conrad Harkrider Not Far From the Kingdom Audio PDF
5/21/17 Jeremy Sweets Can a Christian Fall Away and Be Lost? Audio PDF
5/14/17 Mike Roy The Lord's Supper: A Better Way Audio
5/7/17 Conrad Harkrider Naboth's Vineyard Audio
5/7/17 Jeremy Sweets Fellow Citizens Audio
4/30/17 Curtis Byers Penal Substitution Audio
4/30/17 Jeremy Sweets Create In Me a Clean Heart Audio PDF
4/23/17 Mike Roy More Than Conquerors Audio
4/23/17 Jeremy Sweets The Effective Prayer of the Righteous Audio PDF
4/16/17 Conrad Harkrider Have This Mind Audio PDF
4/16/17 Jeremy Sweets The Power of the Cross Audio PDF
4/9/17 Art Adams Devoloping Faith and Character in Our Children Audio PDF
4/9/17 Art Adams Living in Balance Audio PDF
4/9/17 Art Adams Relationship Addictions Audio PDF
4/8/17 Art Adams Lifting the Load Audio PDF
4/8/17 Art Adams Cyber Seduction - The Porn Pandemic Audio PDF
4/7/17 Art Adams Help For Hurting Families Audio PDF
4/2/17 pm Conrad Harkrider Keeping Faith In Adversity Audio
3/26/17 pm Curtis Byers Christ our Redeemer Audio
3/26/17 am Jeremy Sweets Wait On the Lord Audio
3/19/17 pm Mike Roy Love Changes Everything Audio
3/19/17 am Jeremy Sweets Blessed are the Meek Audio
3/12/17 am Conrad Harkrider Do Not Worry Audio
3/5/17 pm Conrad Harkrider God Loves the Stranger Audio
3/5/17 am Jeremy Sweets Our Adoption In Christ Audio
2/26/17 pm Mark Seaton Bearing Fruit Audio
2/26/17 am Jeremy Sweets Preach The Word Audio
2/19/17 pm Conrad Harkrider The Ark Is Taken Audio
2/12/17 am Conrad Harkrider To Live Is Christ Audio
2/5/17 am Mike Roy Compelled By The Holiness Of God Audio
2/5/17 pm Jeremy Sweets The Heart Of A Christian Convert Audio
1/29/17 am Conrad Harkrider Does God Exist? Audio
1/29/17 pm Jeremy Sweets Opportunities In Home Bible Study Audio
1/22/17 am Jeremy Sweets The Sermon On Kingdom Citizens Audio
1/15/17 am Conrad Harkrider Identity In Christ Audio
1/15/17 pm Mike Roy Psalm 8 Audio
1/8/17 pm Jeremy Sweets As A Tree Planted By The Water Audio
1/1/17 pm Mike Roy Wrapping Mercy And Truth Around Our Heart Audio
12/25/16 am Mike Roy Evangelistic Ideas For The New Year Audio
12/25/16 pm Conrad Harkrider The Baptism Of Jesus Audio
12/11/16 am Conrad Harkrider The Day Of Death Audio
12/4/16 am Jeremy Sweets The Permanence Of Marriage Audio
11/27/16 am Jeremy Sweets Give Thanks Always Audio
11/27/16 pm Eric Bradley What Is The Church? Audio
11/20/16 am Conrad Harkrider Evangelism: The Great Assembly Line Audio
20/6/16 pm Mike Roy The Importance Of Elders Audio
11/13/16 am Jeremy Sweets A Greater Glory Audio
11/6/16 pm Mike Roy Boiling For Christ Audio
10/30/16 am Jeremy Sweets Thinking More Like Christ Audio
10/30/16 pm Conrad Harkrider The Well At Bethlehem Audio
10/23/16 am Steve Walker Barnabas: The Refreshing Christian Audio
10/23/16 am Steve Walker What Nicodemus Knew Audio
10/24/16 pm Steve Walker The Rich Man And Lazarus: Who's Outside Your Gate? Audio
10/25/16 pm Steve Walker The Elijah Syndrome: Dealing With Discouragement Audio
10/26/16 pm Steve Walker One More Night With The Frogs: Pharoah And Pride Audio
10/16/16 am Conrad Harkrider Laborers In The Vineyard Audio
10/16/16 pm Jeremy Sweets Dying Like Jesus Audio
10/9/16 am Jeremy Sweets More Like Jesus Audio
10/2/16 am Mike Roy Changing Our Mindset Audio
10/2/16 pm Curtis Byers The Kingdom Of Heaven Audio
9/25/16 am Conrad Harkrider God's People Are Givers Audio
9/25/16 pm D.J. Rhoten Paul Audio
9/18/16 am Conrad Harkrider Jacob and His Wives Audio
9/18/16 pm Jeremy Sweets Made In God's Image Audio
9/11/16 am Mike Roy The Apostle Paul - A Living Martyr Audio
9/4/16 am Jeremy Sweets Israel's Covenant Failings Audio
9/4/16 pm Norman Harber PreparingForEternity Audio
8/28/16 am Conrad Harkrider Jesus Cleanses The Temple Audio
8/28/16 pm Wes Oliver The Three Chairs Audio
8/21/16 am Jeremy Sweets Serving Like Jesus Audio
8/21/16 pm Mike Roy Perfecting Holiness In The Fear Of God Audio
8/14/16 am Curtis Byers Good And Bad Figs Audio
8/7/16 am Jeremy Sweets The Day Of The Lord Audio
8/7/16 pm Conrad Harkrider Satan's Devices Audio
7/31/16 am Mike Roy We Have Been Make Like God Audio
7/31/16 pm Jesse Roy Serving One Another Audio
7/17/16 am Jeremy Sweets Imitating Christ's Obedience Audio
7/17/16 pm Jeremy Sweets Don't Be A Cow Of Bashan Audio
7/10/16 am Conrad Harkrider The Value Of Each Person Audio
7/3/16 am Norman Harber Being A Lighthouse Audio
7/3/16 pm Jeremy Sweets The Freedom We Have In Christ Audio
6/26/16 am Conrad Harkrider Christ Is Our Life Audio
6/26/16 pm Jeremy Sweets That You May Believe Audio
6/19/16 am Mike Roy Two Bold Requests Moses Made To God Audio
6/12/16 am Norm Harber Jesus' Rejection Audio
6/5/16 am Tom Hamilton Light As A Metaphor Audio
6/5/16 am Tom Hamilton God: "God is light" Audio
6/5/16 pm Tom Hamilton Revelation: "A lamp shining in darkness" Audio
6/6/16 pm Tom Hamilton Conversion: "Turn from darkness to light" Audio
6/7/16 pm Tom Hamilton Discipleship: "Put on the armor of light" Audio
6/8/16 pm Tom Hamilton Influence: "Let your light shine" Audio
6/9/16 pm Tom Hamilton Fellowship: "Walk in the light" Audio
6/10/16 pm Tom Hamilton Evangelism: "A light to the nations" Audio
5/29/16 am Jeremy Sweets Iron Sharpens Iron Audio
5/29/16 pm Jeremy Sweets When Encouragement Is Needed Audio
5/22/16 pm Jacob Stinson Unexpected Change Audio
5/15/16 am Norman Harber The Hour Has Come Audio
5/15/16 pm Mike Roy Breaking The Lie Of Not Enough Audio
5/8/16 am Conrad Harkrider Rahab - A Woman Of Faith Audio
5/1/16 pm Jeremy Sweets Saul's Demise Audio
4/24/16 am Conrad Harkrider The Lord Our Shepherd Audio
4/24/16 pm Jimmy Hunt Being Mindful Of What We Say Audio
4/17/16 am Jeremy Sweets Why We Take The Lord's Supper Audio
4/17/16 pm Conrad Harkrider The Book Of Joel Audio
4/10/16 am Curtis Byers Views Of Jesus Audio
4/3/16 am Mike Roy Developing Unshakable Trust In God Audio
3/27/16 am Conrad Harkrider Life Is A Vapor Audio
3/27/16 pm Jeremy Sweets/Curtis Byers Approaching God Audio
3/20/16 am Jeremy Sweets From Demoniac To Disciple Audio
Session 1 Gary Fisher Weekend Study: Acts of The Apostles Audio
Session 2 Gary Fisher Weekend Study: Acts of The Apostles Audio
Session 3 Gary Fisher Weekend Study: Acts of The Apostles Audio
Session 4 Gary Fisher Weekend Study: Acts of The Apostles Audio
Session 5 Gary Fisher Weekend Study: Acts of The Apostles Audio
Session 6 Gary Fisher Weekend Study: Acts of The Apostles Audio
Session 7 Gary Fisher Weekend Study: Acts of The Apostles Audio
Session 8 Gary Fisher Weekend Study: Acts of The Apostles Audio
Session 9 Gary Fisher Weekend Study: Acts of The Apostles Audio
3/6/16 am Mike Roy Heaven Place Of Eternal Light Audio
3/6/16 pm Conrad Harkrider Religious Decay Audio
2/28/16 am Jeremy Sweets When Salt Loses It's Flavor Audio
2/28/16 pm Jeremy McNatt I Will Sing The Wondrous Story Audio
2/21/16 am Norman Harber Be A Brighter Light Audio
2/21/16 pm Conrad Harkrider The Word Of God Audio
2/14/16 am Conrad Harkrider Our Greatest Love Audio
2/7/16 am Jeremy Sweets Bright Lights And Beautiful Feet Audio
2/7/16 pm Various Speakers Opportunities For Evangelism Audio
1/31/16 pm Mike Roy Made To Crave God Audio
1/17/16 am Conrad Harkrider The Tongue Audio
1/17/16 pm Curtis Byers How Do We Appropriately Respond To A Good God? Audio
1/10/16 am Jeremy Sweets Running With Endurance Audio
1/3/16 am Jeremy Sweets Lessons For The New Year Audio
1/3/16 pm Mike Roy Reigning Eternally With Jesus Christ Our King Audio
12/27/15 am Mike Roy PursuingTruth Audio
12/27/15 pm Jeremy Sweets David's Prayer Of Thanksgiving Audio
12/20/15 am Conrad Harkrider The Lost Sheep And Coin Audio
12/20/15 pm Gary Hunt Never A Good Reason To Sin Audio
12/13/15 am Jeremy Sweets God's Testing Of Israel Audio
12/6/15 am Mike Roy Vital Lessons From The Book Of Ezra Audio
12/6/15 pm Jeremy Sweets Heaven's Library Audio
11/29/15 am Mike Roy 10 Truths to Remember in the Midst Of Sorrow and Pain Audio
11/29/15 pm Curtis Byers Jesus Christ, Our Lord Audio
11/22/15 am Conrad Harkrider Preparing For Battle Audio
11/22/15 pm Kyle McDonald Naaman Audio
11/15/15 am Norman Harber The Christian Response To Violence, Pain And Suffering Audio
11/15/15 pm Jeremy Sweets What Is Truth? Audio
11/8/15 am Mike Roy The Rich Man And Lazarus Audio
11/1/15 am Jeremy Sweets The Promised Land Audio
11/1/15 pm Conrad Harkrider The Baptism Of Moses Audio
10/25/15 am Frank Walton Glorying In The Cross Of Christ Audio
10/25/15 am Frank Walton Enthusiasm For Singing Audio
10/25/15 pm Frank Walton Diligence In Spiritual Growth Audio
10/26/15 pm Frank Walton Zeal For Truth Audio
10/27/15 pm Frank Walton Alertness In Prayer Audio
10/18/15 am Conrad Harkrider Spiritual Resume Audio
10/18/15 pm Jimmy Hunt Being Content Audio
10/11/15 am Mike Roy Is The Sinner's Prayer In The Bible? Audio
10/4/15 am Jeremy Sweets Stealing From God Audio
10/4/15 pm Jeremy Sweets When God Doesn't Hear Audio
9/27/15 am Conrad Harkrider Hospitality Audio
9/27/15 pm Chris Reid Sanctity Of Life Audio
9/20/15 am Mike Roy The Push Toward A Genderless Society Audio
9/20/15 pm Curtis Byers Righteousness Of The Kingdom Audio
9/13/15 am Jeremy Sweets The Battle Belongs To The Lord Audio
9/6/15 am Jeremy Sweets Why Broadmoor? Audio
9/6/15 pm Norman Harber What Won't You Give Up? Audio
8/30/15 am Jeremy Sweets The Arrogance Of A Vapor Audio
8/30/15 pm Jerry Sweafford He Made Them Male And Female Audio
8/26/15 pm Alex Hartsell Is The New Testament Reliable? Audio
8/23/15 am Mike Roy Where Did Joshua Get His Courage? Audio
8/23/15 pm David Tant King Jesus Reigns Audio
8/16/15 am Jeremy Sweets Effective Parenting In A Defective World Audio
8/16/15 pm Max Shearer God Is Holy Audio
8/9/15 am Gary Henry His Delight Is In The Law Of The Lord Audio
8/5/15 pm Chad Lynn Fearfully And Wonderfully Made Audio
8/2/15 am Mike Roy Raised Up With Christ Audio
8/2/15 pm Jeremy Sweets Why Do We Regularly Assemble? Audio
7/29/15 pm Troy Nicholson Scientific Foreknowledge In Evidences Audio
7/19/15 am Jeremy Sweets A Manner Worthy Of The Gospel Audio
7/19/15 pm Curtis Byers Rightly Handling The Word Of Truth Audio
7/15/15 pm Lee Wildman I Believe Audio
7/8/15 pm Seth McDonald Contradictions In The Bible Audio
7/5/15 am Jeremy Sweets Some Things That Are Still True Audio
7/5/15 pm Mike Roy The Power Of An Invitation Audio
7/1/15 pm Gary Henry How To Defend The Faith Audio
6/28/15 am Curtis Byers Good And Evil Audio
6/28/15 pm Marshall Hunt Proverbs, Teaching For All Ages Audio
6/24/15 pm Gary Kerr Why The Bible? Audio
6/21/15 am Conrad Harkrider Caleb - Followed The Lord Fully Audio
6/21/15 pm Gilbert Booher Mountains Audio
6/17/15 pm Justin Dobbs A Good Book Audio
6/14/15 am Conrad Harkrider Pleasing To God Audio
6/10/15 pm Berry Kercheville Why We Believe Audio
6/7/15 am Jeremy Sweets A Superior Priesthood Audio
6/7/15 pm Conrad Harkrider Purpose And Mission Of The Apostles Audio
6/5/15 pm Doy Moyer Overcoming Doubt Audio
6/4/15 pm Doy Moyer Mind, Meaning, Morality Audio
6/3/15 pm Doy Moyer Inspiration Audio
6/2/15 pm Doy Moyer Using The Bible To Prove The Bible? Audio
6/1/15 pm Doy Moyer Trusting The Bible Audio
5/31/15 am Doy Moyer Is Jesus The Only Way? Audio
5/31/15 pm Doy Moyer Resurrection Audio
5/31/15 am Doy Moyer Faith And Evidences Audio
5/24/15 am Jeremy Sweets God Has Spoken Audio
5/24/15 pm Chance Sudberry Attitudes Among God's People Audio
5/17/15 am James Buchanan What Gospel Did The Apostles Preach? Audio
5/17/15 pm Mike Roy God's First Line Of Defense Audio
5/10/15 am Conrad Harkrider The Gift Of A Mother Audio
5/3/15 am Mike Roy You Are The Light Of The World Audio
5/3/15 pm Jeremy Sweets Betrayal Audio
5/3/15 am Mike Roy You Are The Light Of The World Audio
5/3/15 pm Jeremy Sweets Betrayal Audio
4/26/15 am Conrad Harkrider Inductive Bible Study Audio
4/26/15 pm Jay Dukes Anxiety Audio
4/19/15 am Conrad Harkrider Faith Audio
4/19/15 pm Curtis Byers Matthew 24 Audio
4/12/15 am Jeremy Sweets What Is The Greatest Command? Audio
4/5/15 am Mike Roy Jesus, Lover of Lepers Audio
4/5/15 pm Jeremy Sweets The Wedding Feast Audio
3/29/15 am Conrad Harkrider The Invitation Audio
3/29/15 pm Jeremy Sweets Hosanna Audio
3/22/15 am Mike Roy Putting On The Whole Armor Of God Audio
3/22/15 pm Jim Hawkins The Good News Of Peace Audio
3/13/15 Gary Fisher Haggai 1:1 to 2:9 Audio
3/13/15 Gary Fisher Haggai 2:10 to Zechariah 1:21 Audio
3/14/15 Gary Fisher Zechariah 2:1 to 4:10 Audio
3/14/15 Gary Fisher Zechariah 4:11 to 7:14 Audio
3/14/15 Gary Fisher Zechariah 8:1 to 9:10 Audio
3/14/15 Gary Fisher Zechariah 9:11 to 10:12 Audio
3/14/15 Gary Fisher Zechariah 11:1 to 13:6 Audio
3/15/15 Gary Fisher Zechariah 13:7 to 14:21 Audio
3/15/15 Gary Fisher Malachi 1:1 to 2:16 Audio
3/15/15 Gary Fisher Malachi 2:17 to 4:6 Audio
3/8/15 am Conrad Harkrider Character Of God Audio
3/1/15 am Mike Roy Leadership Lessons Audio
3/1/15 pm Jeremy Sweets Diamonds In The Rough Audio
2/22/14 am Conrad Harkrider Barnabas-Son Of Encouragement Audio
2/15/15 am Curtis Byers The Weeds Audio
2/15/15 pm Jeremy Sweets Matters Of Life And Death Audio
2/8/15 am Jeremy Sweets Ripe Or Rotten Words Audio
2/1/15 am Jeremy Sweets Come Unto Me Audio
2/21/15 pm Jeremy Sweets Jesus, Lord Of The Sabboth Audio
1/25/15 am Mike Roy Drawing Close To God Audio
1/25/15 pm Drew Johnson Distractions Audio
1/18/15 am Mike Roy Finishing Strong Audio
1/18/15 pm Conrad Harkrider Truth and Love Audio
1/11/15 am Conrad Harkrider A Spiritual Restoration Audio
1/4/15 am Jeremy Sweets Taking A Spiritual Inventory Audio
1/4/15 pm Jeremy Sweets - Mike Roy Reading Your Bible Audio
12/28/14 am Conrad Harkrider Why Follow Jesus? Audio
12/28/14 pm Matt Harber Remember Your Baptism Audio
12/21/14 am Mike Roy The Lord's Supper Audio
12/21/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Poor In Spirit Audio
12/7/14 am Conrad Harkrider Finding Jesus In The Desert Audio
12/7/14 pm curtis Byers Test Of A Prophet Audio
11/30/14 am Conrad Harkrider The Name Of Jesus Audio
11/30/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Hannah's Plight Audio
11/23/14 am Jeremy Sweets Praying For Others Audio
11/23/14 pm Trevor Brandt Changing Our Heart Audio
11/16/14 am Norman Harber Devotion Audio
11/16/14 pm Mike Roy Are You Growing? Audio
11/9/14 am Conrad Harkrider What Is So Special About The Bible? Audio
11/2/14 am Mike Roy Lord, Reign In Me Audio
11/2/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Are You Walking In Darkness Or Light? Audio
10/26/14 am Curtis Byers Sanctification Audio
10/26/14 pm Kevin Bain Are You Drifting? Audio
10/19/14 am Jeremy Sweets The Kingdom Of God In The Sweep Of Scripture Audio
10/19/14 pm Conrad Harkrider Living As A Sojourner Audio
10/12/14 am Mike Roy Who We Are - Our Lives In Jesus Christ Audio
10/5/14 am Conrad Harkrider In The Image Of God Audio
10/5/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Praise Be To God Audio
9/28/14 am Jeremy Sweets The Hidden Treasure Audio
9/28/14 pm Conrad Harkrider When It's Time For Battle Audio
9/21/14 am Conrad Harkrider Transforming The People Of God Audio
9/21/14 pm Mike Roy The Total Destruction Of Ninevah Audio
9/14/14am Kenny Moorer Who Am I, Really? Audio
9/14/14 am Kenny Moorer A Beautiful Mind Audio
9/14/14 pm Kenny Moorer Setting My Mind On Things Above Audio
9/15/14 pm Kenny Moorer My Greatest Need Audio
9/16/14 pm Kenny Moorer Providence, Prayer, & Faith Audio
9/17/14 pm Kenny Moorer Not As Fools, But As Wise Audio
9/18/14 pm Kenny Moorer A Commitment LIke No Other Audio
9/19/14 pm Kenny Moorer Ten Commandments For Young People Audio
9/7/14 pm Jeremy Sweets People Of The Book Audio
8/31/14 am Ricky Shanks Why Am I A Christian? Audio
8/31/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Temptation Audio
8/24/14 am Conrad Harkrider Building A Lasting Marriage Audio
8/24/14 pm Dave Boyd Traditions Of The Elders Audio
8/17/14 am Mike Roy Rising Up At The Judgement Audio
8/17/14 pm Jeremy Sweets The Lord Is A Warrior Audio
8/10/14 am Fred Liggin Walking With God Audio
8/3/14 am Mike Roy Incredible Worth Of One Soul Audio
8/3/14 pm Conrad Harkrider Battle For Sexual Purity Audio
7/27/14 am Conrad Harkrider What Should I Wear To Church? Audio
7/27/14 pm Jerry Drew Lazarus Is Dead Audio
7/20/14 am Jeremy Sweets Proclamation Of The Plagues Audio
7/20/14 pm Conrad Harkrider Because He Was Faithful Audio
7/13/14 am Norman Harber Your Mindset Audio
7/6/14 am Mike Roy Your Incredible Worth Audio
7/6/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Making Bricks Without Any Straw Audio
6/29/14 am Conrad Harkrider Does God Care How We Worship? Audio
6/29/14 pm Jeremy Sweets The Message Of The Burning Bush Audio
6/22/14 am Jeremy Sweets Stumbling On Sin Audio
6/22/14 pm Miker Roy Be Thou My Vision Audio
6/8/14 am Conrad Harkrider Message From God Audio
6/1/14 am Mike Roy Indispensable Christians Audio
6/1/14 pm Curtis Byers Why Priests? Audio
5/25/14 am Norman Harber Family Strong Audio
5/25/14 pm Mike Roy Titles Of Men Audio
5/18/14 am Jeremy Sweets The Appropriate Response Audio
5/18/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Christ Is Sufficient Audio
5/11/14 1m Conrad Harkrider Become Like Little Children Audio
5/2/14 pm Kevin Clark Biblical Interpretation: Learning How To Respect the Text Audio
5/3/14 pm Kevin Clark Can I Belong To Any Church And Be Acceptable To God? Audio
5/4/14 am Kevin Clark God-Centered Worship Audio
5/4/14 am Kevin Clark In Defense Of Biblical Morality Audio
5/4/14 pm Kevin Clark To God Be The Glory Audio
4/27/14 am Conrad Harkrider That The Living Will Know Audio
4/27/14 pm DJ Rhoten Foolishness Audio
4/20/14 am Curtis Byers The Importance Of The Forgiveness Of Sins Audio
4/13/14 am Jeremy Sweets Out With The Old In With The New Audio
4/6/14 am Mike Roy Pursuing Our Heavenly Calling Audio
4/6/14 pm Conrad Harkrider Refuse To Bow Audio
3/30/14 am Jeremy Sweets What The Creation Tells Us About Gender Audio
3/23/14 am Jeremy Sweets What The Creation Tells Us About Humanity Audio
3/23/14 pm Chris Ried What Do Our Hearts Cling To? Audio
3/16/14 am Mike Roy Is Doctrine Important? Audio
3/16/14 pm Conrad Harkrider There Is A God In Heaven Audio
3/9/14 am Mike Roy Moses' Final Message And Legacy Audio
3/2/14 am Conrad Harkrider Far Away From Home Audio
3/2/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Creation - What We Can Learn Audio
2/23/14 am Conrad Harkrider The Gospel Message Audio
2/23/14 pm Gary Henry The Progressive Church Audio
2/16/14 am Curtis Byers True Gospel, False Gospel Audio
2/16/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Sin and Forgiveness Audio
2/9/14 am Conrad Harkrider A Discipined Life Audio
2/2/14 am Jeremy Sweets Blessed Assurance Audio
2/2/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Going Where God Leads Audio
1/26/14 am Conrad Harkrider The King Stumbles Audio
1/19/14 pm Jeremy Sweets Godly Lives In A Wicked World Audio
1/12/14 am Mike Roy The Day That God Will Set The World On Fire Audio
1/5/14 am Jeremy Sweets Ready For The Coming Of The Master Audio
12/29/13 am Mike Roy The Church Of Christ - The Highest Wisdom Of God Audio
12/29/13 pm Mike Roy Getting Close Enough To Sinners To Save Them Audio
12/22/13 am Jeremy Sweets The Humble King Audio
12/22/13 pm Gary Hunt Habakkuk Audio
12/15/13 am Curtis Byers Suffering With Christ Audio
12/15/13 pm Jeremy Sweets Haggai's Message Of Revival Audio
12/8/13 am Conrad Harkrider What Does God Expect From Christians? Audio
12/1/13 am Conrad Harkrider Is The Bible The Word Of God? Audio
12/1/13 pm Curtis Byers The Will Of God Audio
11/24/13 am Conrad Harkrider Thankful To God Audio
11/24/13 pm Mark Seaton What Is A Disciple Of Jesus? Audio
11/17/13 am Jeremy Sweets In Whom Do You Trust? Audio
11/17/13 pm Mike Roy Mexico Report Audio
11/3/13 am Jeremy Sweets The Dangers Of Drunkenness Audio
11/3/13 pm Conrad Harkrider The Day Of The Lord Audio
10/27/13 am Conrad Harkrider When The Water Runs Dry Audio
10/27/13 pm Jimmy Hunt Faith Of Abraham Audio
10/20/13 am Mike Roy Purpose Driven People Audio
10/20/13 pm Jeremy Sweets Instructions For The Tongue Audio
10/13/13 am Jeremy Sweets Advice For Exiles Audio
10/6/13 am Conrad Harkrider Authority Of Christ Audio
10/6/13 pm Curtis Byers Foundations Audio
9/29/13 am Jeremy Sweets Who Can Endure God's Wrath Audio
9/29/13 pm Jeremy Sweets In Christ Audio
9/22/13 am Conrad Harkrider Times Of Difficulty Audio
9/22/13 pm Jacob Stinson Joy Audio
9/15/13 am Conrad Harkrider Ladies First - The Resurrection Audio
9/15/13 pm Jeremy Sweets Seeking The Lost Audio
9/8/13 am Don Wright Adversity: Understanding Why Audio
9/8/13 am Don Wright Running The Race Audio
9/8/13 pm Don Wright But We See Jesus Audio
9/9/13 pm Don Wright More Than Conquerors Audio
9/11/13 pm Don Wright God Is In Trouble Audio
9/12/13 pm Don Wright We Don't Believe Water Washes Away Our Sins Audio
9/13/13 pm Don Wright Can You Walk On Water? Audio
9/1/13 pm Mike Roy If God Is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us Audio
9/1/13 pm Jeremy Sweets The Fear Of The Lord Audio
8/28/13 pm Josiah Peeler Are You Prepared? Audio
8/25/13 pm Kevin Stinson A Sense Of Need Audio
8/21/13 pm Allen Malone Benefiting From God's Word Audio
8/18/13 pm Jeremy Sweets Micah's Visionary Experience Audio
8/14/13 pm Keith Camp Understanding God's Will Audio
8/7/13 pm Matt Harber Old Testament Authority Audio
8/4/13 am Mike Roy The Importance Of Baptism Audio
8/4/13 pm Jeremy Sweets Devoted To The Lord Audio
7/31/13 pm David Bunting Doctrine According To Godliness Audio
7/28/13 am Jeremy Sweets A Jealous God Audio
7/28/13 pm Mike Roy What Makes Us Wander From God Audio
7/24/13 pm Stacey Durham Universal Practicality Of Godliness Audio
7/21/13 am Jeremy Sweets The Entanglement Of Adultery Audio
7/21/13 pm Conrad Harkrider The Book Of Leviticus Audio
7/17/13 pm Lee Wildman Our Attitude Toward The Words Of The Apostles Audio
7/14/13 am Curtis Byers Collection Audio
7/7/13 am Norman Harber Mothers Audio
7/7/13 pm Mike Roy What Is A Real Man Audio
7/3/13 pm Gary Kerr It Is Well With My Soul Audio
6/30/13 am Mike Roy What Does It Mean To Be Born Again Audio
6/30/13 pm Jeremy Sweets Wisdom's Disregarded Appeal Audio
6/23/13 am Conrad Harkrider Devloping An Understanding Attitude Audio
6/23/13 pm Delmont Jones What Am I Worth Audio
6/19/13 pm Berry Kercheville Listening To The Holy Spirit Audio
6/14/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 1 Audio
6/14/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 2 Audio
6/15/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 3 Audio
6/15/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 4 Audio
6/15/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 5 Audio
6/15/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 6 Audio
6/15/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 7 Audio
6/15/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 8 Audio
6/15/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 9 Audio
6/16/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 10 Audio
6/16/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 11 Audio
6/16/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 12 Audio
6/16/13 Gary Fisher Judges Study 13 Audio
6/12/13 pm Shane Scott Recognizing Bible Authority Audio
6/9/13 am Jeremy Sweets Three Kinds Of Fear Audio
6/5/13 pm Rick Duggin God Spoke, Writers Wrote, We Read Audio
6/2/13 am Conrad Harkrider Impacting Faith Audio
6/2/13 pm Jeremy Sweets Misusing The Scriptures Audio
5/26/13 am Gary Henry Forgetting What Lies Behind Audio
5/26/13 pm Jeremy McNatt Joshua And The Walls Audio
5/19/13 am Mike Roy God's Staggering Promise Of Eternal Glory Audio
5/19/13 pm Gary Henry Learning To Take God More Seriously Audio
5/12/13 am Jeremy Sweets The Challenge Of The Gospel Audio
5/5/13 am Gary Henry Forward Looking Faith Audio
5/5/13 pm Jeremy Sweets The First Church Audio
4/28/13 am Mike Roy Our Greatest Sense Of Worth And Belonging Audio
4/28/13 pm Curtis Byers The Great Commission Audio
4/21/13 am Gary Henry Tempted and Tried Audio
4/21/13 pm Gary Henry Twelve Kinds of Tolerance Audio
4/14/13 am Mike Roy What Will Make This Church Grow Audio
4/07/13 am Jeremy Sweets Holy Spirit And Harvest Audio
4/07/13 pm Jeremy Sweets Peter's Sermon - Pentecost Audio
3/31/13 am Mike Roy Weekly Communion Audio
3/31/13 pm Jeremy Sweets Waiting In Jerusalem Audio
3/24/13 am Jeremy Sweets The Ascension Audio
3/24/13 pm Wes Oliver The Gospel Can Save Us Audio
3/17/13 am Mike Roy Excuses Audio
3/17/13 pm Conrad Harkrider Sacrifice Audio
3/10/13 am Jeremy Sweets Pride Audio
3/3/13 am Mike Roy Learning To Value And Respect The Aged Audio
3/3/13 pm Jeremy Sweets Jesus And The Little Children Audio
2/24/13 am Jeremy Sweets The Story of Revelation - Part 3 Audio
2/24/13 pm Marshall Hunt What Is Your Attitude Audio
2/17/13 am Jeremy Sweets The Story of Revelation - Part 1 Audio
2/17/13 pm Jeremy Sweets The Story of Revelation - Part 2 Audio
2/10/13 am Mike Roy No Tears In Heaven Audio
2/3/13 am Gary Henry God Commands Repentance Audio
2/3/13 pm Gary Henry Good Things Come From Believing Audio
1/25/13 Curtis Pope Basics of Biblical Authority Audio
1/26/13 Curtis Pope Biblical Commands Audio
1/26/13 Curtis Pope Approved Examples Audio
1/27/13 Curtis Pope Necessary Inferences Audio
1/27/13 Curtis Pope Silence of the Scriptures Audio
1/27/13 Curtis Pope Expediency Audio
1/20/13 am Jeremy Sweets What Money Can't Buy Audio
1/6/13 am Gary Henry Who Am I? - One Bound For Heaven Audio
1/6/13 pm Gary Henry Disproving The Devil's Accusations Audio
12/23/12 am Gary Henry Who Am I? - God's Created Child Audio
12/23/12 pm Jeremy Sweets Do Not Love The World Audio
12/16/12 am Jeremy Sweets His Power And Coming Audio
12/16/12 pm Mike Roy Modest - A Woman's Claime To Godliness Audio
12/09/12 am Conrad Harkrider The Word Of God Audio
12/02/12 am Mike Roy Striving To Enter The Gate Of Heaven Audio
12/02/12 pm Gary Henry Noah's Faith Audio
11/25/12 am Jeremy Sweets Strengthened By Grace Audio
11/25/12 pm Kyle McDonald Then The DevilComes Audio
11/18/12 am Gary Henry Do You Give God Your Leftover Time? Audio
11/18/12 pm Gary Henry Be Careful Not To Lose Your Salvation Audio
11/11/12 am Gary Henry Encouraging Words Audio
11/4/12 am Mike Roy Find God And Obey Audio
11/4/12 pm Jeremy Sweets Political Season Audio
10/28/12 am Jeremey Sweets Representative Audio
10/28/12 pm Chris Ried Lie To Ourselves Audio
10/21/12 pm Gary Henry Ten Tips For Better Bible Study Audio
10/14/12 am Mike Roy The One Perfect Sacrifice For All Time Audio
10/7/12 am Jeremey Sweets Finding Certainty In An Uncertain Life Audio
10/7/12 pm Jeremy Sweets The Good Deposit Audio
9/30/12 am Jeremey Sweets Seek God And Live Audio
9/30/12 pm Jeremy Sweets The Appearing Of God's Grace Audio
9/23/12 am Mike Roy Trembling Before God Audio
9/23/12 pm Conrad Harkrider Comeback Story Audio
9/16/12 am Gary Henry What It Means That God Is Faithful Audio
9/9/12 am Bill Hall Joseph: Godliness In Action Audio
9/9/12 am Bill Hall Go Forth To Him Outside The Camp Audio
9/9/12 pm Bill Hall Standing Up In A Time Of Crisis Audio
9/10/12 pm Bill Hall The Challenge Of A Passing Generation Audio
9/11/12 pm Bill Hall The Challenge Of Overcoming Subjective Thinking Audio
9/12/12 pm Bill Hall The Challenge Of Accepting God's Moral Standard Audio
9/2/12 am Gary Henry The Need For Purposeful Living Audio
9/2/12 pm Jeremy Sweets The Importance Of Doctrine Audio
8/19/12 am Jeremy Sweets Can Christianity Work? Audio
8/12/12 am Mike Roy God's Comfort Through Meditation And Prayer Audio
8/5/12 am Gary Henry Sharing The Truth Audio
8/5/12 pm Jacob Stinson Jamaica Report Audio
7/29/12 am Jeremy Sweets Trust and Betrayal Audio
7/29/12 pm Gilbert Booher Our Spiritual Struggle Audio
7/22/12 pm Jeremy Sweets Matthew 8 Audio
7/15/12 am Jeremy Sweets Christian Approach To Government Audio
7/15/12 pm Jeremy Sweets Romans 14 Unity And Diversity Audio
7/8/12 am Mike Roy Foolishness Of Raging Against The Lord Audio
7/1/12 am Gary Henry Communicating The Gospel Audio
7/1/12 pm Gary Henry Sounding Forth The Word Audio
6/24/12 am Mike Roy Developing A Proper Fear Of The Lord Audio
6/24/12 pm Kevin Bain The Tongue Audio
6/17/12 am Gary Henry Four Things That Can Kill A Church Audio
6/17/12 pm Gary Henry Times When It Is Hard To Do Right Audio
6/10/12 am Conrad Harkrider Talking With God Audio
6/3/12 am Gary Henry Just Do What's Right Audio
6/3/12 pm Jeremy Sweets The God Of The Gospel Audio
5/27/12 am Jeremy Sweets All Have Sinned Audio
5/27/12 pm Mike Roy God Blesses Our Desire For Him Audio
5/20/12 am Gary Henry Confessing Our Faults To One Another Audio
5/20/12 pm Gary Henry The Diligent Worker Audio
5/13/12 am Gary Henry The Importance Of Standing Up For Truth Audio
5/11/12 pm Tommy Peeler The Faithfulness Of God: What He Shows And What He Demands Audio
5/10/12 pm Tommy Peeler Give Me Neither Poverty Or Riches Audio
5/9/12 pm Tommy Peeler Learning From The Cross Of Christ Audio
5/8/12 pm Tommy Peeler How Two Sinners Responded To Jesus Audio
5/7/12 pm Tommy Peeler When The Lord Jesus Is Revealed In Flaming Fire Audio
5/6/12 am Tommy Peeler The Majesty Of God Audio
5/6/12 am Tommy Peeler The Lord Is My Shepherd Audio
4/29/12 am Gary Henry Suggestions For Listening To Gospel Preaching Audio
4/29/12 pm Gary Henry Three Evidences of Enthusiam In The Lord's Work Audio
4/22/12 am Jeremy Sweets Accountability Audio
4/22/12 pm Trevor Brandt Three Lessons I've Learned Audio
4/15/12 am James McDonald The Work In South Africa Audio
4/15/12 pm Jeremy Sweets Jonah The Judge Audio
4/8/12 am Mike Roy Gathering Around The Table Of The Lord Audio
4/1/12 am Jeremy Sweets Fleeing From The Lord Audio
4/1/12 pm Jeremy Sweets What Is Love Audio
3/25/12 am Jeremy Sweets Take Heed Lest You Fall Audio
3/25/12 pm Jeremy McNatt Lessons From Noah Audio
3/18/12 am Gary Henry Principles For Maintaining Spiritual Health Audio
3/18/12 pm Conrad Harkrider How Should The Church Raise Money Audio
3/11/12 am Mike Roy Setting Proper Goals Audio
3/04/12 am Gary Henry The Importance Of The Lord's Supper Audio
3/04/12 pm Gary Henry How The Gospel Helps Us With Our Problems Audio
2/26/12 am Mike Roy Together Audio
2/26/12 pm Jerry Drew What's Love Got To Do With It? Audio
2/19/12 am Gary Henry Popular Religion Audio
2/19/12 pm Jeremy Sweets Adoption As Sons Audio
2/12/12 am Jeremy Sweets Mind Of Christ Audio
2/05/12 am Nick Sawyer Ephesians Chapter 6 Audio
1/29/12 am Gary Henry Worth Doing Badly Audio
1/29/12 pm Jeremy Sweets Paul's Care For The Thessalonians Audio
1/22/12 pm Jimmy Hunt The Secret of Being Content Audio
1/15/12 am Jeremy Sweets Life Is Temporary Audio
1/15/12 pm Jeremy Sweets The Power Of Prayer Audio
1/8/12 am Jeremy Sweets Inseperable Items - Faith and Works Audio
1/1/12 am Gary Henry Taking Inventory Of Yourselves Audio
1/1/12 pm Gary Henry Three Means Of Measuring A Person Audio
12/25/11 am Mike Roy I Am Declarations of Paul Audio
12/25/11 pm Curtis Byers God's Dwelling Place Audio
12/18/11 am Gary Henry Fulfilling Our Ministry Audio
12/18/11 pm Gary Henry Heaven The Home Of The Soul Audio
12/11/11 am Gary Henry What Disciples Do Audio
12/04/11 am Conrad Harkrider Our Greatest Desire Audio
12/04/11 pm Jeremy Sweets The Garden Of Gethsemane Audio
11/27/11 am Jeremy Sweets Giving Thanks Always Audio
11/27/11 pm Jay Dukes Keep Our Conscience Clean Audio
11/20/11 am Gary Henry Scars Of Sin Audio
11/20/11 pm Gary Henry Conversion Audio
11/13/11 am Gary Henry Judge Not Audio
11/06/11 am Mike Roy Spiritual Patriarchs Audio
11/06/11 pm Jeremy Sweets Warning To Hypocrits Audio
10/30/11 am Gary Henry What We Need To Keep Going Audio
10/30/11 pm Gary Henry Invigorated Audio
10/23/11 am Gary Henry Deciding To Obey God Audio
10/23/11 pm Jeremy Sweets Living With Expectation Audio
10/21/11 pm Brian Price The Power Of The Gospel Audio
10/20/11 pm Brian Price How Does Temptation Really Work? Audio
10/19/11 pm Brian Price Be Still And Know That I Am God Audio
10/18/11 pm Brian Price Would I Have Made The Same Mistakes As Peter? Audio
10/17/11 pm Brian Price Overcoming Disappointment Audio
10/16/11 am Brian Price A Walk Through The Wilderness Audio
10/16/11 am Brian Price As A Man Thinks In His Heart Audio
10/16/11 pm Brian Price So Others Can Be Saved Audio
10/9/11 am Mike Roy Make Your Call And Election Sure Audio
10/2/11 am Jeremy Sweets Josiah The Boy King Audio
10/2/11 pm Jeremy Sweets Serving One Another Audio
9/25/11 am Norman Harber Lessons From The Ground Up Audio
9/25/11 pm Jonathan Sheahen Parenting Beyond Our Abilities Audio
9/18/11 am Mike Roy When God Calls Us WE Must Obey Audio
9/18/11 pm Conrad Harkrider Evangelism Audio
9/11/11 am Jeremy Sweets Individual and National Tragedy Audio
9/4/11 am Jeremy Sweets Breaking Through The Cycle Of Retaliation Audio
9/4/11 pm Mike Roy Understanding: The Key To Relationships Audio
8/31/11 pm Mitch Davis How Good Is Good Enough Audio
8/28/11 am Gary Henry The Christ of The Cross Audio
8/28/11 pm Adam Booher Lessons From Jude Audio
8/24/11 pm RodneyPitts We Must Change To Be Changed Audio
8/21/11 am Gary Henry Our Spiritual Father - Above Or Below? Audio
8/21/11 pm Gary Henry What Makes Hell Hell? Audio
8/17/11 pm Steve Reeves Instrumental Music In Worship - Why? Audio
8/14/11 am Curtis Byers What Do You Think Of The Christ? Audio
8/10/11 pm Rick Duggin What Makes Love So Important Audio
8/7/11 am Jeremy Sweets Hear And Obey Audio
8/7/11 pm Mike Roy The Value of Small Groups Audio
8/3/11 pm David Bunting Fear The Lord Audio
7/31/11 am Mike Roy Intimacy With God Audio
7/31/11 pm Jeremy Sweets A Holy People Audio
7/27/11 pm Lee Wildman Are You Worldly Minded? Audio
7/24/11 am Jeremy Sweets Jesus - The Light Of The World Audio
7/24/11 pm Curtis Byers Justification By Faith Audio
7/20/11 pm Stacey Durham Humanism Audio
7/17/11 am Gary Henry Giving Up All For The Joy Of Christ Audio
7/17/11 pm Gary Henry Almost Pursuaded Audio
7/13/11 pm Johnny Felker Putting Faith To Work Audio
7/10/11 am Jeremy Sweets Set Your Mind On Things Above Audio
7/6/11 pm Gary Kerr Serving God By Serving Others Audio
7/3/11 am Gary Henry Our Sufficiency Is In God Audio
7/3/11 pm Gary Henry Hardships That Can Help Us Audio
6/29/11 pm Matt Harber The Gospel Audio
6/26/11 am Gary Henry How Do We Know What Our Real Priorities Are Audio
6/26/11 pm Norman Harber 2011 Elders Supported Preacher Report Audio
6/22/11 pm Berry Kercheville Instrumental Music In Worship Audio PDF
6/19/11 am Mike Roy Secure In Jesus Christ Audio
6/19/11 pm Jeremy Sweets Being Single And Living A Godly Life Audio
6/15/11 pm Lowell Sallee Sexual Immorality Audio
6/12/11 am Gary Henry The Lord Fights For Those Who Love Him Audio
6/8/11 pm Keith Camp The Uncertain Riches Audio
6/5/11 am Gary Henry Rejoice In The Days Of Your Youth Audio
6/5/11 pm Mike Roy The Confession Of Our Faith Audio
6/1/11 pm Ken Green The Golden Rule Audio
5/29/11 am Gary Henry Patience Audio
5/29/11 pm Mike Roy Faith In Christ Audio
5/22/11 am Gary Henry Put Your Faith In God Audio
5/22/11 pm Mark Seaton Secure In Your Faith Audio
5/15/11 am Jeremy Sweets Jesus Calms The Storm Audio
5/15/11 pm Mike Roy Suffering And Sin Audio
5/8/11 am Gary Henry Ways That God Warns Us Audio
5/1/11 am Gary Henry Four Problems Of Our Nation Audio
5/1/11 pm Jeremy Sweets Wrestling With The Scriptures Audio
4/24/11 am Mike Roy How Great Thou Art Audio
4/24/11 pm Jeremy Sweets Undeserved Evil, Undeserved Love Audio
4/17/11 am Jeremy Sweets Raising The Widow's Son Audio
4/17/11 pm Gary Henry Choosing Life Audio
4/10/11 am Alan Yeater Seeking Those Who Are Seeking Christ Audio
4/10/11 am Alan Yeater Ordinary People Audio
4/10/11 pm Alan Yeater When You Think "Church" Audio
4/11/11 pm Alan Yeater Jesus The Way Out Of Confusion Audio
4/12/11 pm Alan Yeater Chiseled Stones Audio
4/13/11 pm Alan Yeater Jesus, Simon And A Sinner Audio
4/3/11 am Gary Henry Heaven - Our Hope and Our Home Audio
4/3/11 pm Gary Henry Taking The Time Audio
3/27/11 am Jeremy Sweets Actively Worshiping God Audio
3/27/11 pm John Dukes The Beatitudes Audio
3/20/11 am Jeremy Sweets One God - One Mediator Audio
3/20/11 pm Jeremy Sweets Voice Lessons Audio
3/13/11 am Gary Henry The Best Day Of The Week Audio
3/6/11 am Mike Roy Resisting The Adversary Audio
3/6/11 pm Gary Henry Salvation Is Near Audio
2/27/11 am Jeremy Sweets Recruiting Trip Audio
2/27/11 pm Kevin Stinson Good Can Be Distracting Audio
2/20/11 am Mike Roy Message To The Thessalonians Audio
2/20/11 pm Jeremy Sweets The Genuineness of Faith Audio
2/13/11 am Jeremy Sweets The New Birth Audio
2/6/11 am Gary Henry Song Of Solomon - Romantic Love Before Marriage Audio
2/6/11 pm Gary Henry Song Of Solomon - Romantic Love After Marriage Audio
1/30/11 am Gary Henry Song Of Solomon - Romantic Love The Biblical View 1 Audio
1/30/11 pm Gary Henry Song Of Solomon - Romantic Love The Biblical View 2 Audio
1/23/11 am Gary Henry Song Of Solomon - Introduction Audio
1/23/11 pm Kevin Bain Campsite Turned Cemetery Audio
1/16/11 am Gary Henry See Ourselves As God Sees Us Audio
1/16/11 pm Mike Roy The Whole World Audio
1/9/11 am Norman Harber 2011 Elders' Address Audio
1/2/11 am Gary Henry Three Of Life Greatests Challenges Audio
1/2/11 pm Jeremy Sweets Purpose In Creation Audio
12/26/10 am Gary Henry Getting Ready To Grow Audio
12/26/10 pm Dave Boyd Covet Not Audio
12/19/10 am Gary Henry Keys To Christian Faithfulnesss Audio
12/19/10 pm Gary Henry The Ability To Say No Audio
12/12/10 am Gary Henry Why Don't We See Our Need For God? Audio
12/05/10 pm Gary Henry Looking For The Lie Audio
12/05/10 am Gary Henry Letting Go Of The Past Audio
11/28/10 am Gary Henry Repentance From Within Audio
11/28/10 pm Chance Sudberry Who Is Going To Heaven Audio
11/21/10 am Gary Henry Consistency And Happiness Audio
11/21/10 pm Gary Henry Commitment And Joy Audio
11/14/10 am Gary Henry Grace To Help Audio
11/07/10 am Jeremy Sweets Family Relationships Audio
11/07/10 pm Mike Roy God's Thoughts vs Man's Thoughts Audio
10/31/10 am Jeremy Sweets King of Kings, Lord of Lords-Part 1 Audio
10/31/10 pm Jeremy Sweets King of Kings, Lord of Lords-Part 2 Audio
10/24/10 am Jeremy Sweets Giving Yourself To The Gospel Audio
10/24/10 pm Trevor Brandt Evangelism Audio
10/17/10 am Mike Roy The Power And Danger Of Pornography Audio
10/17/10 pm Jeremy Sweets Simon, A Sinner, And A Saviour Audio
10/10/10 am Mike Roy Childlikeness - Key To Discipleship Audio
10/03/10 am Jeremy Sweets What Is Reality - Story Of The 12 Spies Audio
10/03/10 pm Mike Roy Pressing On To Eternal Glory Audio
9/26/10 am Gary Henry Letting God Be God Audio
9/26/10 pm Gary Henry Letting People Be People Audio
9/19/10 am Mike Roy Christ Like Character Audio
9/19/10 pm Mike Roy Glory, Honor, Power Beyond Our Wildest Dreams Audio
9/17/10 pm Scott Smelser Youth & Planning For The Future Audio
9/16/10 pm Scott Smelser Avoiding Marital Pitfalls Audio
9/15/10 pm Scott Smelser Child Training & Parenting Pitfalls, Part 3 Audio
9/14/10 pm Scott Smelser Child Training & Parenting Pitfalls, Part 2 Audio
9/13/10 pm Scott Smelser Child Training & Parenting Pitfalls, Part 1 Audio
9/12/10 pm Scott Smelser Being Better Wives Audio
9/12/10 am Scott Smelser Being Better Husbands Audio
9/12/10 am Scott Smelser Your Home's Foundation, What's Important Audio
9/05/10 am Jeremy Sweets Wisdom, Keys To Living A Good Life Audio
9/05/10 pm Mike Roy What Does God Need? Audio
8/29/10 am Gary Henry Daniel, The Power of One-Part 2 Audio
8/29/10 pm Gary Henry Setting Goals To Improve Obedience Audio
8/22/10 am Gary Henry Daniel, The Power of One-Part 1 Audio
8/22/10 pm Evan Booher Jesus As The Shepherd And The Lamb Audio
8/15/10 am Mike Roy The Big Picture Of The Bible Audio
8/15/10 pm Jeremy Sweets Jesus Is Our Peace Audio
8/08/10 am Gary Henry Knowing God's Word Audio
8/01/10 am Jeremy Sweets Testing In The Wilderness Audio
8/01/10 pm Jeremy Sweets Romans Road To Salvation Audio
7/25/10 am Jeremy Sweets God's Grace For Sin Audio
7/25/10 pm Conrad Harkrider The Greatest Teacher Audio
7/18/10 am Gary Henry Civil Government And God Audio
7/18/10 pm Gary Henry Three Places God Should Be Audio
7/11/10 am Jeremy Sweets Setting Your Mind On Things Above Audio
7/04/10 am Mike Roy Laboring To Form Christ In Us Audio
7/4/10 am Gary Henry Reverence To God Audio
6/27/10 am Gary Henry Saul's Disobedience To The Lord Audio
6/27/10 pm Jeremy McNatt Courage And Faith Audio
6/20/10 am Gary Henry The Three Bad Guys Audio
6/20/10 pm Frederick Gray Glorifying God In All Circumstances Audio
6/13/10 am Mike Roy The Cross Of Christ Audio
6/6/10 am Gary Henry Making Time For God Daily Audio
6/6/10 pm Gary Henry Balancing Courage vs Compassion Audio
4/25/10 am Jeremy Sweets Are You Sleeping In Church Audio
4/25/10 pm Jimmy Hunt The Need For Holiness Audio
4/18/10 am Mike Roy Fasting And Prayer Audio
4/18/10 pm Jeremy Sweets Confession Of Sins Audio
4/11/10 am Mike Roy The Destructive Power Of Greed Audio
4/04/10 am Jeremy Sweets The Vindication Of Resurrection Audio
4/04/10 pm Jeremy Sweets The Way Of The Cross Audio
3/28/10 am Jeremy Sweets Seventy Times Seven Audio
3/28/10 pm Jeremy Sweets Now That Faith Has Come Audio
3/21/10 am Mike Roy Reaffirming Our Distinctive Undenominational Plea Audio
3/21/10 pm Gary Henry Ingredients Of Family Happiness - Courtesy Audio
3/14/10 am Jeremy Sweets Pursuing God's Character Audio
2/28/10 am Dan DeGarmo Seeing The Big Picture - Part 1 Audio
2/28/10 am Dan DeGarmo Seeing The Big Picture - Part 2 Audio
2/28/10 pm Dan DeGarmo Four Testimonies Of The Gospel Audio
2/21/10 am Jeremy Sweets Submitting To God Audio
2/21/10 pm Mike Roy Living In View Of Heaven, Hell and Judgement Audio
2/14/10 pm Gary Henry Ingredients Of Family Happiness - Joy Audio
2/7/10 am Gary Henry Ingredients Of Family Happiness - Authority Audio
2/7/10 pm Gary Henry Ingredients Of Family Happiness - Respect Audio
1/31/10 am Gary Henry Ingredients Of Family Happiness - Love Audio
1/31/10 pm Gary Henry Ingredients Of Family Happiness - Piety Audio
1/24/10 am Jeremy Sweets The Gospel Is For All Audio
1/24/10 pm Kyle McDonald The Christian Influence Audio
1/17/10 am Mike Roy The Supreme Blessedness Of The Godly Person Audio
1/17/10 pm Jeremy Sweets Love Multiplied Equals Evangalism Audio
1/10/10 am Gary Henry Create In Me A Clean Heart Audio
1/3/10 am Jeremy Sweets Newness Of Life In Christ Audio
1/3/10 pm Mike Roy Renew Your Minds Audio
12/27/09 am Gary Henry Love Is Patient Audio
12/27/09 pm Mike Roy Where Are We Headed Audio
12/20/09 am Jeremy Sweets Joseph: Example Of Purity Audio
12/20/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Bible Background: Thessalonians - Revelations Audio
12/13/09 am Gary Henry Privileged To Be Useful Audio
12/06/09 am Mike Roy Choosing To Enter The Narrow Gate Of Heaven Audio
12/06/09 pm Gary Henry What To Do With Your Conscience Audio
11/29/09 am Gary Henry What God Is Doing In Christ Audio
11/29/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Biblel Background: Acts - Colossians Audio
11/15/09 am Gary Henry Blessings In God Audio
11/15/09 pm Gary Henry It Does Good To Do Good Audio
11/08/09 am Jeremy Sweets One Body In Christ Audio
11/01/09 am Mike Roy Obedience In Faith Audio
11/01/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Overcoming Addictions Audio
10/25/09 am Jeremy Sweets More Precious Than Gold Audio
10/25/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Bible Background: The Gospels Audio
10/21/09 pm Don Wright The Great White Throne Audio
10/20/09 pm Don Wright Sorry, That's Not Your Seat Audio
10/19/09 pm Don Wright Things That Need Protecting Audio
10/18/09 am Don Wright Weathering The Storms Of Life Audio
10/18/09 am Don Wright No Condemnation Audio
10/18/09 pm Don Wright There's No Magic In The Faucet Audio
10/11/09 am Gary Henry Putting The Past Into Perspective Audio
10/04/09 am Jeremy Sweets The Lord's Prayer Audio
10/04/09 pm Mike Roy Why I Believe Jesus Is Coming Again Audio
9/27/09 am Gary Henry The Need For Decisiveness Audio
9/27/09 pm Trevor Brandt For God So Loved The World Audio
9/20/09 am Mike Roy Glorifying God By Delighting In Him Audio
9/20/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Bible Background: Hosea - Malachi Audio
9/13/09 am Jeremy Sweets I Could Never Do That Audio
9/6/09 am Gary Henry By Grace Through Faith Audio
9/6/09 pm Gary Henry Three Mistakes In Trying To Influence People for Good Audio
8/30/09 am Gary Henry Minimizing The Damage Of Divorce Audio
8/30/09 pm Gary Henry Ecclesiastes Audio
8/23/09 am Mike Roy Our Eight Greatest Needs and Deepest Desires Audio
8/23/09 pm Gilbert Booher Sit, Walk, Stand Audio
8/16/09 am Jeremy Sweets Barnabas, Son of Encouragement Audio
8/16/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Bible Background: Jeremiah - Daniel Audio
8/9/09 am Gary Henry The Goodness of God's Law Audio
8/2/09 am Jeremy Sweets The Great Invitation Audio
8/2/09 pm Mike Roy The Importance of Invitations Audio
7/26/09 am Gary Henry Scary Decisions To Do God's Will Audio
7/26/09 pm Kevin Bain Singing From The Heart Audio
7/19/09 am Mike Roy The Return Of Jesus Christ Audio
7/19/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Bible Background: Proverbs - Isaiah Audio
7/12/09 am Gary Henry What is a "Congregation"? Audio
7/5/09 am Gary Henry I Thessalonians 2 Audio
7/5/09 pm Gary Henry Riches Without Sorrow Audio
6/28/09 am Jeremy Sweets Godly Attitudes in Philippians Audio
6/28/09 pm Jerry Drew Freedom Is Christ Audio
6/21/09 am Mike Roy Our Deepest Need - To Be Filled With God Audio
6/21/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Bible Background: The Book of Psalms Audio
6/14/09 am Jeremy Sweets The Scandal Of The Cross Audio
6/14/09 pm Gary Hunt Example Of Obedience - Daniel 3 Audio
6/7/09 am GaryHenry Cafeteria Style Religion Audio
6/7/09 pm Gary Henry Why Not Tonight Audio
5/31/09 am Jeremy Sweets Parents Should Teach Children Audio
5/31/09 pm Gary Henry Questions That May Prevent Gossip Audio
5/24/09 am Gary Henry The Bible At The Center Of The Home Audio
5/24/09 pm Jimmy Hunt Set Your Mind On Things Above Audio
5/17/09 am Mike Roy Biblical Attitude and Response to Sin Audio
5/17/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Bible Background: Ezra - Job Audio
5/10/09 am Mike Roy Christlike Husbands Cherish Their Wives Audio
5/3/09 am Gary Henry Sexual Modesty In Dress Audio
5/3/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Bible Background: I Kings - II Chronicles Audio
4/26/09 am Gary Henry Capital Punishment Audio
4/26/09 pm Gary Henry Developing Spiritual Wisdom Audio
4/24/09 pm Phil Robertson Being Spiritual Minded Audio
4/23/09 pm Phil Robertson A King And A Cripple Audio
4/22/09 pm Phil Robertson The Path Principle Audio
4/21/09 pm Phil Robertson God Is Awesome! Audio
4/20/09 pm Phil Robertson What Is Saving Faith? Audio
4/19/09 am Phil Robertson A Hospital For Sinners Or Hotel For Saints Audio
4/19/09 am Phil Robertson Eyes On Eternity Audio
4/19/09 pm Phil Robertson What I Want My Children To See Audio
4/12/09 am Mike Roy Respecting The Authority of God Audio
4/05/09 am Gary Henry Commitment To Excellence In The Lord's Work Audio
4/05/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Two Different Parents With Two Different Results Audio
3/29/09 am Gary Henry Paul's Exhortation To The Ephesian Elders Audio
3/29/09 pm Jonathan Sheahen Complete Commitment Audio
3/22/09 am Mike Roy Sinful Sexual Practices Audio
3/22/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Bible Background: Joshua - I Samuel Audio
3/8/09 am Jeremy Sweets The Significance Of The Cross Audio
3/1/09 am Jeremy Sweets Be Careful How You Walk Audio
3/1/09 pm Mike Roy Understanding The Difference Between Love And Acceptance Audio
2/22/09 am Gary Henry Our Responibility to Elders Audio
2/22/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Bible Background: Leviticus - Deuteronomy Audio
2/15/09 am Gary Henry Elders And Deacons Audio
2/15/09 pm Mike Roy Four Words To Describe Elders Audio
2/8/09 am Jeremy Sweets Life Of Joseph Audio
2/1/09 am Mike Roy Elders And Deacons Audio
2/1/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Elders And Deacons Audio
1/25/09 am Mike Roy Abortion Audio
1/25/09 pm Jeremy Sweets Back To The Bible - Daily Bible Study Audio
1/18/09 am Gary Henry Psalm 3 Audio
1/18/09 pm Gary Henry Psalm 4 Audio
1/11/09 am Jeremy Sweets Our Speech Betrays Us Audio
1/4/09 am Gary Henry All Sufficient Grace For Even Me Audio
1/4/09 pm Mike Roy What Is The Basis Of Our Salvation Audio
12/28/08 am Gary Henry Reaching Forward 6 - Pressing Toward The Goal Audio
12/28/08 pm Gary Henry Reading The Bible Every Year Audio
12/21/08 am Mike Roy Remembering Jesus His Way Audio
12/21/08 pm Jeremy Sweets Unity In Christ Audio
12/14/08 am Gary Henry Reaching Forward 5 - The Prize Of The Upward Call Of God In Christ Jesus Audio
12/07/08 am David Tant The Battle Over The Bible Audio PDF
12/7/08 pm Norman Harber Living A Controlled Life Audio
11/30/08 am Jeremy Sweets Those That Are Ready Audio
11/30/08 pm Gary Henry Reaching Forward 4 - The Mind Of The Mature Christian Audio
11/23/08 am Gary Henry Reaching Forward 3 - Reaching Forward to What Is Ahead Audio
11/23/08 pm Jeremy Sweets A Living Hope Audio
11/16/08 am Mike Roy The Power Of An Invitation Audio
11/16/08 pm Mike Roy What I Want My Children To Know Audio
11/9/08 am Gary Henry Reaching Forward 1 - What Life In Christ is Primarily About Audio
11/9/08 pm Gary Henry Reaching Forward 2 - Forgetting What Is Behind Audio
11/2/08 am Mike Roy The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Audio
11/2/08 pm Jeremy Sweets God Is Our Stability Audio
10/24/08 pm Bob Buchanon You Have Not Passed This Way Before Audio
10/23/08 pm Bob Buchanon His Word Burns In My Heart Audio
10/22/08 pm Bob Buchanon I Have The Power To Change Audio
10/21/08 pm Bob Buchanon Shall I Recover Audio
10/20/08 pm Bob Buchanon This World Is Not My Home Audio
10/19/08 am Bob Buchanon Increase Our Faith Audio
10/19/08 pm Bob Buchanon Conflict Resolution Audio
10/12/08 am Mike Roy God Still Rules From Heaven Audio
10/5/08 am Gary Henry Attaining Balance - Avoiding Pride And Discouragement Audio
10/5/08 pm Gary Henry The Requirements of Real Repentance Audio
9/28/08 am Jeremy Sweets The Requirements of Real Repentance Audio
9/28/08 pm Mike Roy The Lord Is My Defense Audio
9/21/08 am Jeremy Sweets Enduring Crisis Audio
9/21/08 pm Mike Roy Dueteronomy 4 Audio
9/14/08 am Jeremy Sweets Oaths Audio
9/7/08 am Gary Henry In The Beginning Audio
9/7/08 pm Gary Henry The Grace Of The Lord Jesus Christ Be With You Audio
8/31/08 am Gary Henry Selfishness - Self Centered Audio
8/17/08 am Gary Henry Living Lives Not To Hinder The Lord Audio
8/17/08 pm Mike Roy Can We Understand The Bible Alike Audio
8/10/08 am Gary Henry Philippians 3 Audio
8/3/08 am Jeremy Sweets Feeding The Five Thousand Audio
8/3/08 pm Jeremy Sweets Bread Of Life Audio
7/27/08 am Gary Henry Other Names For Christians In The New Testament Audio
7/27/08 pm Mike Roy Setting The Lord Before Us Audio
7/20/08 am Jeremy Sweets Lessons From Israel Audio
7/13/08 am Jeremy Sweets Accept One Another Audio
7/6/08 am Resolved To Serve God Audio
6/22/08 am Mike Roy The Extremes Of God Audio
6/8/08 am Mike Roy Model For Personal Work Audio
6/1/08 am Gary Henry Attitude Is Not the Most Important Thing Audio
6/1/08 pm Jeremy Sweets The Power of Humility Audio
5/25/08 am Gary Henry Angels, Part 1 Audio
5/22/08 pm Gary Henry Angels, Part 2 Audio
5/18/08 am Gary Henry How Feminism Will Impact the Church Audio
5/18/08 pm Gary Henry A Woman's Contribution to the Local Church Audio
5/11/08 am Mike Roy Raising Strong Families Through Godly Women Audio
5/4/08 am Mike Roy Lot: The Mistake of a Lifetime Audio
5/4/08 pm Jeremy Sweets Types and Antitypes Audio
4/27/08 am Mike Roy What Christ's Blood Does for Us Audio
4/27/08 pm Jeremy Sweets The Rich Citizen Audio
4/20/08 am Mike Roy Why Were You Created? Audio
4/20/08 pm Jeremy Sweets Hezekiah: A Man of Faith Audio
4/18/08 pm Paul Earnhart Learning Life's Important Lessons Audio
4/17/08 pm Paul Earnhart What It Means to Believe in Jesus Audio
4/16/08 pm Paul Earnhart How Do You See the Church? Audio
4/14/08 pm Paul Earnhart The Triumph of God's Grace Audio
4/13/08 class Paul Earnhart Eating at the Table of the Lord Audio
4/13/08 am Paul Earnhart The Incomparable God Audio
4/13/08 pm Paul Earnhart The Tragedy of Our Sin Audio
4/6/08 am Mike Roy The Lord is Coming Audio
4/6/08 pm Jeremy Sweets Entertaining Angels Audio
3/30/08 am Gary Henry Governing Our Hearts Audio
3/30/08 pm Kevin Stinson Can We Carry the Cross for Christ? Audio
3/23/08 am Jeremy Sweets It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming Audio
3/23/08 pm Mike Roy New Covenant Worship Audio
3/16/08 am Jeremy Sweets Open Our Eyes, Lord Audio
3/16/08 pm Mike Roy Joseph's Bones Audio
3/9/08 am Gary Henry Loving What is Right Audio
3/2/08 am Gary Henry Diligently Seeking God, Part 6 Audio
3/2/08 pm Gary Henry Keys to Happiness Audio
2/24/08 am Jeremy Sweets More Like Jesus Audio
2/24/08 pm Mike Roy The Real Issue of Life Audio
2/17/08 am Gary Henry Diligently Seeking God, Part 5 Audio
2/17/08 pm Mike Roy How Do You See Jesus? Audio
2/10/08 am Jeremy Sweets Calling on the Name of the Lord Audio
2/3/08 am Gary Henry Diligently Seeking God, Part 3 Audio
2/3/08 pm Gary Henry Diligently Seeking God, Part 4 Audio
1/27/08 am Gary Henry Diligently Seeking God, Part 2 Audio
1/27/08 pm Mike Roy Do You Stumble Over Jesus? Audio
1/20/08 am Jeremy Sweets Love: The Heart of Christianity Audio
1/20/08 pm Gary Henry Diligently Seeking God, Part 1 Audio
1/13/08 am Jeremy Sweets Distracted with Busyness Audio
1/6/08 am Gary Henry God Prepares Us to Work Audio
1/6/08 pm Mike Roy Building Sound Congregations Audio

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